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About Saville Assessment

Saville Assessment (formerly Saville Consulting) is an international psychometric assessment business. They operate in over 80 countries and the products are available in 35 languages. The consultancy employs experiences occupational psychologists and their portfolio includes a variety of services from selection to development to talent management, to name but a few. Their aptitude tests include numerical, verbal and diagrammatic reasoning as well as abstract, error checking and mechanical and most take on average 20 minutes to complete.


Saville Assessment Aptitude Tests

1. Ability Tests

Numerical – These are used to measure an individual’s ability to analyse and interpret data using basic arithmetic and calculations expected in the workplace. The data is normally presented in the form of graphs, tables and diagrams.

Verbal – These are used to examine the individual’s ability to read, understand and interpret written information.

Diagrammatic – These are used to assess an individual’s ability to analyse and draw conclusions from diagrammatically presented data. It requires the candidate to detect similarities and differences within the patterns of data provided.

Error Checking – These are used to assess the individual’s ability to detect errors, both numerical and written. The individual will be presented with two sets of data, one with errors, and they will be expected to identify all said errors.

Spatial – These are used to test the individual’s ability to mentally manipulate two and three dimensional figures.

Mechanical – These are used to measure the individual’s mechanical reasoning and their understanding of mechanical problems and principles. This type of test is used mostly for those applying for engineering positions.

2. Situational Judgement

These are designed to assess an individual’s aptitude and suitability for a role based on their responses to a series of decision-making scenarios that they are likely to face in the workplace.



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